How To Clean an Indoor Bug Zapper

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Canned air
Soft bristle brush
Trash bag

An indoor bug zapper can dramatically reduce the amount of indoor pests in your home. There are several different kinds of bug zappers to choose from. All provide different features and options. It is best to shop around before you decide on an indoor bug zapper. This will ensure that you get the one that is right for you.

Step 1: When to Clean

It is important to know when it is time to clean your insect killer. If it gets too full, this can do harm to your bug zapper as well as make it less effective for your home. It is best to try to get your bug zapper cleaned before it stops working entirely. Use a judgment call and check on it every so often. When it starts to look crowded in there, clean it out.

Step 2: Cleaning

Always unplug your bug zapper before you begin to clean it. This could cause you to get the same kind of treatment as the bugs themselves. Once your bug zapper has been turned off and unplugged, it is safe for you to begin to clean it.

You should start by using your soft bristle brush. Don’t rush this process. To ensure that you won’t be doing this again in a couple of days, you should make sure that it is done right the first time. Brush all of the debris from the cage into a trash bag or can to prevent them from getting spread around the ground or the floor. Once the debris has been cleaned from the cage and the bottom, get the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner should be used on the shocking grid of your fly zapper. If you do not wish to use your vacuum, you can also get canned air. It will successfully blow the debris off of the shocking grid as opposed to sucking it off. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is up to which method works better.

Step 3: Other Safety Cleaning Tips

Besides unplugging your bug zapper, there are other things to keep in mind. Your zapper is not going to benefit from soap and water. This could cause it to short circuit and not work at all once you turn it back on. No matter how long you leave it to dry out. Cleaning the unit outside is going to benefit you and your family. These bugs carry a lot of diseases and if you are not able to get all of them out of your house after cleaning it out then this could become a safety issue. So bring it outside when it’s time to clean it.

Of course, never touch a bug zapper while it is turned on, no matter what. Your bug zapper cannot tell the difference between you and a bug. You will get shocked and it will hurt.