How to Clean and Care for an Onyx Tile Floor

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Lint-free cloth
Dry cotton cloth
Household cleaner (pH-neutral)
Stone cleaner
Old newspaper sheets

Among natural stone surfaces offering versatility and aesthetic features, onyx tile floors have managed to emerge as the preferred option for many homeowners. Onyx is a unique natural flooring option. It has a much smoother surface than other stone surfaces that is marginally porous. Onyx tile floors are particularly useful for homes with sharp angles induced by walls and entry-door edges because onyx tiles offer a greater degree of maneuverability during installation. Onyx tiles are retailed in a wide range of earth-tone shades and offer multiple finishing options. However, the slightly softer surface of onyx tiles makes them a bit susceptible to scratching and staining. Thus, people opting for onyx tile floors should be acquainted with the basics of cleaning and caring for onyx tile floorings.

Step 1—Basic, Daily Cleaning

It is better to get started by cleaning the dry dust or debris off the onyx tiles. You can use a broom, carpet-cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner for this purpose. After cleaning the tiles, dust them again with a lint-free cloth. This cloth is recommended for dusting-off the small bits of debris that often get embedded into the tiling joints.

Step 2—Thorough, Periodic Cleaning

Prepare a cleaning solution for cleaning the onyx tile floor. You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals, particularly those containing bleach or cleaners containing pH-altering formulations. Such cleaning solutions can permanently scar the onyx surface. It is better to use mild soaps like those used in the kitchen.

Prepare the cleaning solution by mixing the soap with lukewarm water in a bucket. Dip a sponge or a mop into the cleaning solution and use it to clean the onyx tiles using brisk, circular strokes. Ensure that you wipe the floor repeatedly. Remove the traces of soap from the tiled surface by wiping it with mop dipped in plain water. Allow the floor to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 3—Special Cleaning for Hard Stains

Inspect the tile for any stains that might have survived the soap-based cleaning. Such stains have to be removed with a combination of special cleaners and some thorough rubbing. Use a stone-safe cleaner that is recommended for calcium-heavy stones like onyx. Dilute some of the cleaner in a bucket. Sprinkle a few drops of this solution on the stains. Allow the solution to work upon the stain for about 3 minutes. Proceed by rubbing the treated stain with dry cotton cloth. Rub the stain repeatedly without pressing too hard. Rinse the onyx tile floor with clean water.

Step 4—Caring for Onyx Tile Floors

Along with careful cleaning, it is imperative that you take care of the onyx tiles. For this, ensure that you don’t spill food or any kind of chemical solvent on the flooring. If you spill anything, don’t wipe it off. Instant, forceful wiping can impact the chemical residues deep within the tiles. It is better to blot the spill with a dry cloth or a piece of porous paper. Proceed, by rinsing the spill with lukewarm water and then proceed with the basic kind of cleaning explained above. It is recommended to protect the onyx floor from dirt/debris by using doormats. It is better to avoid movement of furniture or movement of people wearing sharp heels as they can easily scratch the onyx tile floor.