How to Clean and Care for Maple Wood Floors

What You'll Need
Dust Pan
Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Floor Scraper
Mineral Spirits
Cleaning Cloths
Fine Steel Wool
Maple wood floors are among the most popular of finishes available for homeowners, giving great atmosphere and contributing greatly to aesthetics. Popular hardwoods include pine, oak, and maple. Maple floors are especially prized for being consistent in color and rich in appearance while having great durability and strength. You’ll soon come to find that there is a wide variety of straightforward and simple tasks to clean and care for your maple wood flooring. Utilizing these steps will give up most longevity with minimal maintenance.

Step 1 – Sweeping

Sweeping is the first step to caring for your maple floors. This is vital. Sweeping your floors daily helps to eliminate debris and dirt that are usually tracked in via foot traffic. If you don’t sweep daily, debris and dirt can grind down on the surface of your maple wood floors, causing abrasion and dulling.

Tip: You can use entrance mats or area rugs to keep said materials off your beautiful floors.

Step 2 – Mop Your Floors

Mop your floors on a weekly basic, or as needed, using a dampened mop. Make certain that you thoroughly ring out the mop before you apply it to the flooring. Excessively wet mops cause water damage, discolouring residue, and stains. When mopping your hardwood floors, if they are particularly grimy or dirty, use a rationed amount of hardwood floor cleaner. Never use cleaning products intended for tile, dust, or vinyl flooring.

Step 3 – Minor Surface Maintenance

Remove any surface blemishes such as tar, gum, and other adhesive substance you come across by freezing it with ice. Applying a bag of ice will cause these materials to harden and become brittle, allowing you to scrape them easily away using your floor scraper.
Many surface blemishes can be avoided by wiping up food or other spills immediately using a soft, dry, slightly-dampened cloth (making sure to dry afterwards).

Step 4 – Removing Deep Stains

Using a combination of bleach and water will get food and pet stains right off your maple wood floors. The solution should have the consistency of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Dip your cloth into the solution, making sure to wring it out generously until damp. Remember a sopping wet cloth will do more harm than good. Lightly scrub the stain until it is gone and make sure to use a new rag to dry the floor so the bleach isn’t sitting on your floor longer than necessary.

If you have dark stains, the best treatment is mineral spirits. Apply a few sparing drops of this to the stain, allowing it to soak from several minutes. Utilize a damp sponge or cloth to wipe away the mineral spirits alongside the stain! If you find yourself with a hardened or tough stain, try using an extremely fine steel wool over it. Make sure the steel wool is damp, and be sure to utilize a mild detergent, but only if necessary. Make sure you apply your detergent onto the steel wool, and not directly on the surface of the stain.

Step 5 – Avoiding Gouges

Along with sweeping daily to prevent dirt abrasion, you can take other simple precautions to care for your maple wood floors. Be sure to apply fabric or plastic-faced glides on the base of the legs of all your furniture and appliances in contact with the hardwood flooring. The importance of placing area rugs in high traffic places cannot be overstated. Not only do they prevent dirt from being dragged in, but they can prevent gouging from sports shoes, cleats, and high heels. If your maple wood flooring is in the kitchen, area rugs can prevent water splashes and make wear minimal. Also, if you’re a loving pet owner, be sure to keep your pet’s claws suitably trimmed.