How to Clean and Care for Seagrass Rugs

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner with a brush
Cotton fabric
Blunt scraping tool

Seagrass rugs are made from a fiber that does not take in stains and leaks because it has a natural waxy finish that protects it. Sometimes, however, the carpet may absorb liquid or other substances to a point that it can be seen on the surface. Follow the simple steps below to effectively clean and care for your seagrass rug so you can maintain its look.

Step 1 - Scrape Away Stains

Check the carpet to make sure there are no visible stains on top. If you notice any, use the scraping object to remove them from the rug. Ensure you remove as much as possible. Take care to avoid damaging the surface by not applying too much pressure on the fibers. For this reason, always scrape in the same direction as you work.

Step 2 - Vacuum Cleaning

Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of most waste. Move around in different directions, especially on the part that has most of the dirt. This can be back and forth and from one side to the other. Because of the way the fiber is interwoven, seagrass rugs will have some high and low points; if you do not reach them when you clean, these points will accumulate a lot of dirt. You can repeat this type of cleaning once a week to keep the carpet in its proper condition.

Step 3 - Cleaning Spills and Mildew

If there are fluids that have spilled on the rug, blot them out with a cotton cloth. Rubbing the area will destroy the fibers or make the fluids go deeper into the mat. For concentrated fluids like wines and sauces, you can dampen the cloth in club soda to reduce the effect of the dyes and other colors. Work on that part until you are sure the stain has been handled. You can let it dry naturally or you can use a hairdryer to quicken the process. On the other hand, if you have noticed some mildew on the carpet, take a spraying bottle and make a mixture of chlorine and water. This should be in the ratio of one to six parts respectively. Spray this mixture on the part and rub the section for a few minutes. Once the mildew has been contained, leave the carpet to dry.

Step 4 - Turn the Rug

Once you are through with the upper side, you need to turn the rug over and work on the other side using the same procedure described.

Other Tips

If your carpet has corners that have taken a distorted shape due to continuous use, you can dampen those parts and then place a weight on those parts to bring back the original shape of the carpet.

Do not use a steam cleaner or shampoo on your carpet. This fiber is natural and when exposed to heat of any kind, it will fold, weaken and distort its original shape.