How to Clean and Care for Tumbled Marble Flooring

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-50
What You'll Need
Oxygen Bleach
Warm Water
Baking Soda
Spray Bottle

Tumbled marble flooring is made from marble that has been spun in a machine to remove the sharp edges. The effect of the process makes the marble look like natural stone. Because of its porous nature, it can get stained with grime, molds and mildew, liquids, and other contaminants easily, therefore requiring regular cleaning. Cleaning tumbled marble flooring is tricky because the floor can get damaged when using the wrong cleaning methods. As much as possible, it has to be cleaned only with recommended cleaners. Here’s how to clean tumbled marble flooring safely.

Clean Stains as Soon as Possible

When the floor gets stained with coffee, juice, or any other contaminants, the trick is to clean it right away before the contaminant gets embedded in the pores of the marble. When the stains are left for a long time, they will eventually get into the pores, making them a lot harder to remove. To clean stains, simply dip a cloth in warm water, squeeze excess water and wipe the stains. For oily or acidic spills, mix one part of baking soda in four parts of warm water. Dip the cloth or mop in the solution and use it to wipe away stains. Allow the solution to sit there for about an hour or two, especially if the stain has not been cleaned immediately.

Clean Grime with Neutral or Alkaline Solutions

Grime can be cleaned easily with a damp mop that has been soaked in warm water. If this does not easily remove the grime, then it may have seeped into the pores. The solution is to create a poultice made from baking soda. Apply the poultice in the affected areas and allow it to sit overnight. Clean the poultice the next day.

Clean Molds and Mildew with Oxygen Bleach

Molds and mildew can be hard to remove using gentle cleaning solutions. In order to remove the stains caused by these nasty microorganisms, make use of oxygen bleach. Although chlorine bleach is effective against molds and mildew, this solution can be quite toxic. The safer way to do so is to use oxygen bleach. Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing one part of bleach in two parts of warm water. Place the solution in a plastic spray bottle. Spray the affected areas and allow the bleach to do its job for about 10 to 15-minutes. The bleach will form bubbles as it removes the mildew and molds. Wipe the areas clean with a mop dipped in warm water afterward.

Tips and Warnings:

Although vinegar has been recommended as an effective cleaner against stains, never use it on marble or on a natural stone surface since its acidic qualities will damage the stone. In addition, use oxygen bleach only when necessary. When cleaning with bleach, a frequency of once a month is good, but never more often than that.