How to Clean and Maintain a Brick Porch

A brick porch is not only attractive to the eye but very sturdy and long lasting thereby increasing the home’s value. A wise homeowner will want to clean and maintain their home's brick porch regularly to ensure that it stays in excellent condition. By following the steps listed below, the homeowner will find an easy to maintain steps to keeping your brick porch clean, a beautiful accent to your landscape and outdoor living areas. 

You Will Require:

  • Bleach
  • Bucket
  • Garden Hose
  • Long Handled Stiff Bristled Broom
  • Construction Sand
  • Mortar
  • Trowel

Step 1.  Preparing your Brick Porch

Using your long handled stiff bristled broom, sweep as much of the dirt and debris from the brick porch as possible. In areas where there is constant traffic, you may have to sweep it several times to remove the small stones and dirt from the porous bricks. Usually, this needs to be done once or twice each year or maybe more often if the porch is used regularly for entertaining. 

Step 2.  Scrubbing the Brick Porch

In a large bucket of warm water, add two or three cups of bleach and then, using your long handled stiff bristled broom, dip into the bleach mixture, thoroughly sweep the dirt and debris from the brick porch. Any bricks that do not come clean the first time may require you to leave a little water solution on top of them to soak for a period of time. Additional scrubbing then is needed in order to remove any mold that has accumulated in its dark or damp crevices. After you are sure you have rinsed all the bleach solution from the brick porch, spread a light layer of construction sand over all the bricks. Using strong strokes, sweep the construction sand to and fro on the porch to entirely clean away any stains and fill any cracks that have appeared during the winter months. Once you have scrubbed the entire brick porch so that it looks spotless and no dirt or debris can be found, use your garden hose to rinse the brick porch clean of any sand or bleach residue.

Step 3.  Maintaining the Brick Porch

After your brick porch is completely clean of residue, it is a good time to inspect it for any cracks or damage. If you find cracks, don’t panic; use your trowel and a mixture of mortar to push the mortar down into the cracks. Use a wet cloth to wipe up any excess mortar on the brickwork. Now, just allow it to thoroughly dry before moving to the next step in the process.

Step 4.  Sealing the Brick Porch

After you have allowed your newly scrubbed brick porch to dry thoroughly, apply a protective sealer to the brick porch. This will prevent moisture from collecting under the sealer and causing white spots. This protective sealer helps keep the elements like sun, rain, and snow from penetrating the surface and causing extensive damage. Generally, you are best to consult the manufacturer’s directions before applying the sealer to ensure that no side effects will occur. Most sealers come in a selection of colours and a variety of finishes, although if you wish to keep the natural look of the brick, it would be wise to avoid using high-sheen finishes when sealing your brick.