How to Clean and Maintain a Wooden Porch

A wooden porch is one of the best parts of your home. It provides a great place to relax and also add a classic appeal and value to the home. However, you need to maintain and clean wooden porches from time to time so that they last.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Cleaning Solution
• Broom
• Bucket or Pail
• Water
• Brush
• Wood Stain
• Paint
• Wood Primer
• Termite Killing Solution
• Wrench
• Screws
• Drill
• Screwdriver
• Torch

Step 1: Scrub Cleaning

Add a cleaning solution to a three-quarter full pail of water. Mix well so that bubbles are formed. Sweep the entire porch using your broom so that all dust particles and grime gets removed. Put the broom into the pail filled with the solution, and take it out after a minute so that the broom allows water to drip on the porch floor. Scrub the floor roughly with the broom. Keep adding the water-cleaner solution on the porch till the floor appears clean and fresh.

Step 2: Rinsing

After scrubbing, you need to clean the porch floor with clean water all over again. Take some hot water in the bucket and put in the broom, as you did in the previous step. Now take it out and allow the hot water to drip on the porch and thoroughly rinse off till all the soapiness disappears. Use the broom to sweep away the excess water. Let the porch dry up for an hour or two. This process is the easiest way to keep your porch clean.

Step 3: Staining

Right after a wooden porch is built; apply two coats of wood stain on the porch. This helps the porch to last for years to come. Make sure that you reapply the stain every six months initially, for the first year or two. With time, this re application can be done less often.

Step 4: Inspections

The easiest way to maintain your wooden porch is to inspect it at regular intervals for damage on any part. Check the parts that are securing the porch to the walls of the house, for any rots on the wood or any warping. See if the porch posts are wearing off or cracked in places. Make sure you see if there is any termite damage on the porch. Often, insects and termites can bore enough holes that could cause the whole porch to crumble down.

Step 5: Replacing Rotten Parts

Take a strong torch and crawl under the porch to see if the frames are rotting away. Simply poke a screwdriver into the wood. If it goes through and the frames appear soft, remove the frame by detaching the bolts that attach the frame to the porch floor, using wrench. See the dimensions of the frame and cut out a pressure treated wood board of the same size, using an electric saw. Fit it in the place of the old wood and drill holes in the places where the old block had them. Now insert screws into the holes and secure the frame up by tightening these screws.

Step 6: Termite Resistance

If there is any termite related damage to the wood, simply brush any termite killing solution, available in the market, on the particular area of the porch. This will repel termites and also kill the existing ones. Paint the porch posts and rails so that they withstand the natural forces better. Painting must be preceded by application of two coats wood primer on the porch parts.