How to Clean Berber Carpet

Many people aren't sure how to clean Berber carpet. Generally, you want to follow the cleaning and maintenance that you would for cleaning other carpet, but because Berber carpet refers to a type of weave pattern used to make the carpet, there are some difference in the cleaning process. Follow this article's suggestions to clean and maintain your carpet.

First Contact Your Manufacturer

Before beginning the cleaning process, contact the manufacturer or store where the carpet was purchased. The store personnel should be able to give you some advice on cleaning your particular carpet, in case the specific kind of Berber carpet requires a different process.

Also contact the manufacturer or read through the user manual for your vacuum cleaner and shampooer, as some models are not suited for Berber carpets. You will need to set your vacuum to “suction only,” as using the beater bar on Berber carpet will tear at the carpet’s loops and cause fuzzing and shedding.

Cleaning the Carpet

There are a couple different options for providing a deep cleaning to your Berber carpet, but whichever route you choose, you should plan on cleaning your carpet at least once per year.

One method is using a steam cleaner with cleaning chemicals. Because of the tight weave of Berber carpet, the moisture will take longer to dry than other kinds of carpet. If you plan on steam cleaning, be sure to plan for plenty of drying time and select a warm day to undertake the cleaning.

Another method that is particularly suited to wool and nylon Berber carpets is a low-moisture cleaning using dry foam. This will give your carpet a very clean finish and greatly reduce the drying time.

Perform Preventative Care

There are several things you can do to extend the life of your carpet and lessen the frequency of a need for shampooing. The main thing is to clean spills and stains as they happen (before they set) so that they are easier to remove.

Placing some rugs atop the Berber carpet on high traffic areas or near doors can also save on wear and tear. It is also recommended to wear socks or slippers on the carpet, as bare feet and outdoor shoes can also accelerate the deterioration of your carpet.

Determine a schedule to vacuum the carpet. Most people will find that if you pick up pebbles and other debris from the floor daily that you only need to vacuum once a week, or even less is it is a low traffic area.