How to Clean Boat Lounge Seats

What You'll Need
Cleaning Product
Soft Bristle Brush
Cold Water

Boat lounge seats are made out of vinyl because generally they are quite resistant to the elements. Every so often they do need cleaning as mold and mildew can spring up since the damp sea air makes perfect growing conditions, and they do get dirty.

Step 1 – Choose your Product

There are many products on the market that can get rid of your mold problem; some contain bleach while others do not. Some are homemade such as a mixture of vinegar and baking powder. If you only have a small mold problem then a product containing bleach will be fine, but if it is a larger job then stay clear of bleach. When bleach comes in contact with sunlight it can damage the stitching on your lounge seats.

Step 2 – Apply the Product

Most products will come in a spray bottle. Simply spray it onto the surface and leave it for a few moments to take effect.

Step 3 – Brush it

Brush the affected area with a soft bristle brush; for a small area, an old toothbrush would be perfect. Using a hard bristle brush could damage the vinyl of your lounge seat.

Step 4 – Rinse it

Rinse the seats thoroughly using cold water and a cloth until no product residue remains. Moisture makes for good mold growing conditions, so do not forget to dry the boat lounge seats thoroughly with a dry towel.