How to Clean Boat Seat Cushions

What You'll Need
Boat seat cushions
Dustpan brush
Scouring pad

During the normal use of a boat, the boat seat cushions will gather dirt and debris that will need to be cleaned away. To ensure this process is completed thoroughly, it is beneficial to be aware of the necessary steps to take.

Step 1 – Remove Loose Debris

Start by brushing away the loose debris with a dustpan brush or a cloth, depending on the type of material the boat seat cushions are made from. During this stage, you will also be in a position to determine whether the cushion comprises a removable cover, which can make it easier to clean.

Step 2 – Clean

Where the surface of the boat seat cushions are waterproof, dilute some detergent in tepid water. Depending on the severity of the debris, soak a cloth or scouring pad and wring it out to wipe it over the surface of the cushion. Rinse it regularly until you have covered the entire cushion.

Step 3 – Rinse and Dry

After cleaning, the boat seat cushions must be rinsed in clean water to remove any traces of cleaning solution. Use a cloth to dry them before returning them to their position.