How to Clean Cedar Chests

What You'll Need
Vacuum with soft bristle attachment
Dust cloth
Fine grit sandpaper
Cedar wood oil
Clean rags

Cedar chests are attractive pieces of furniture customarily used to store heirlooms, quilts and anything you want to protect. Over time, the fragrant cedar smell dissipates, though you can restore it through cleaning. Follow the simple steps below to clean a cedar chest on your own.

Step 1: Remove Loose Particles and Debris

With a hose vacuum and a soft bristle attachment, go over the entire inner area of the cedar chest, sucking up any loose particles.

Step 2: Wipe Chest Down and Air it Out

Use clean, dry dust rag to follow up the vacuuming by thoroughly wiping down the chest. Allow the chest to aerate for half a day by letting it sit with its lid open in a well-ventilated area.

Step 3: Restore the Fragrance

Using light circular motions, gently sand the interior of the chest with very fine grit sandpaper. The intent is not to smooth rough edges, but to release the aroma of the cedar by removing a very thin layer of wood.

Step 4: Apply Oil

Wipe the chest down again to remove all dust, and carefully rub in a light layer of cedar wood oil to restore the glow of the wood and protect it from the elements.