How to Clean Chrome Fixtures

What You'll Need
Chrome cleaner
Soft bristle brush
White vinegar

To keep your chrome fixtures looking good, it is necessary to know how to clean chrome in the correct way. Following a few steps will allow you to maintain your chrome fixtures and keep them looking good.

Step 1 – Inspection

To know how to clean chrome fixtures correctly, start by examining them. This will give you the opportunity to determine the extent of cleaning required by checking the severity of the soiling. At this stage, you can determine whether a metal cleaner is required for heavy deposits or white vinegar for general cleaning.  

Step 2 – Application

When using a metal cleaner, apply it to the chrome fixtures with a cloth, making sure that it covers the entire surface. A solution of white vinegar and water can be used for light cleaning.

Step 3 – Clean

Where the chrome fixtures comprise awkward shapes or gaps, a soft bristle brush or a pipe cleaner can be used to clean these. Gently wipe away any metal cleaner and rinse all purpose solutions with clean water. Wiping the surface dry with a clean dry cloth will be the last step of how to clean chrome fixtures properly.