How to Clean Chrome with Natural Materials

What You'll Need
Mild dish detergent
Bucket or bowl
Super absorbent towel
White distilled vinegar
Aluminum foil
Clean rags
Baking soda
Baby oil

Chrome is everywhere from the bumper on your car to appliances, so learning how to clean chrome is important. Chrome is notorious for getting dirty and greasy, but also for developing harsh water spots. All of these things can also lead to rust forming. Learning how to clean chrome can remedy all of these problems and even help to remove any rust that developed. What is even better than all that is learning how to clean chrome without having to revert to using harsh chemicals or abrasives. The article that follows will teach you how to clean chrome easily and with natural ingredients that are found in virtually every home.

Step 1 – Start with the Basics

When first figuring out how to clean chrome, always start with the simplest solution. Avoid unnecessarily damaging the chrome by scratching the metal. Soap and water are often all you need in order to remove grime and dirt. Combine several drops of mild dish detergent in a bucket with hot water until the water is sudsy. Dip a sponge in the water and squeeze out the excess water so that the sponge is slightly damp and then wipe down the chrome.  You only need to use mild pressure to clean it up, but you can use firmer pressure if you have tough spots of dirt. Dry and buff the chrome with a super absorbent towel.

Step 2 – Tougher Grease and Oil

Some grease marks, dirt and oil will not come off of chrome, regardless of how much water and soap you use, or how hard you scrub. Luckily, a household ingredient is at the ready: vinegar. Vinegar has a low acidic property which can cut through grease, oil and dirt. Combine one part of vinegar to two parts of water and clean the chrome as you did in Step 1, but using a rag instead of a sponge. If the grime is particularly bad, place a small amount of baking soda on the vinegar dampened rag. The resulting chemical reaction will help cut the grime more effectively. Wipe down and buff the chrome using a super absorbent towel.

Step 3 – Removing Rust

Once chrome is left to attract grime and oils, it will begin to tarnish and can then show spots of rust. You can bring the chrome back to life without damaging it. Using the white vinegar again but instead of a rag or towel, you will be using an unlikely cleaning implement: aluminum foil. Crumple the foil into a ball and dip in the vinegar. Use medium pressure and scrub the chrome. You can repeat this as many times as you need to. Once the rust is removed, wipe down the chrome with the super absorbent towel. Place a few drops of baby oil on a clean rag and buff the chrome.