How to Clean Concrete Basement Floors

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  • 6-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • $0-120
What You'll Need
Dust pan
Stain remover
Push broom
Paint brush

We track dirt and debris in and out of the basement whenever we use it. If you have a concrete basement floor, rather than carpet or other flooring, you may wonder what the best way to clean it is. Follow these six steps to clean your concrete basement floor.

Step 1 - Remove Items From the Area You’re Cleaning

When you have determined which area of your basement floor you will be cleaning, begin moving the items to another area in order to free the space and better allow you to clean the area.

Step 2 - Remove Debris

After you have removed all of the furniture, boxes, and equipment from the area you have decided to clean, begin picking up any items that may have been left on the floor, such as dust bunnies, paper clips, and scraps of material.

Step 3 - Vacuum or Sweep the Floor

After you have removed the debris, run your vacuum over the floor. Use the vacuum hose to clean corners where the wall meets the concrete. If it you are unable to use your vacuum effectively on the concrete, sweep the floor with a push broom. Use a hand broom or a regular broom to clean the corners.

Step 4 - Remove Stains

If you have stains or marks on the floor that you wish to remove, fill a bucket with water and add a little bleach. With a scouring pad, use the mixture to scrub away the stains. Make sure to wear a respirator mask and that your basement has proper ventilation before doing this step, since bleach is toxic to breathe in.

Remove rust stains with lemon juice, apple cider, or white vinegar. Pour the juice or vinegar directly onto the rust stain and let it sit for several minutes. Then scrub the stain with a sturdy bristle brush to remove it. Once the stain is removed, rinse the area to completely rid it of any residue from your cleaning solution and the stain. If the rust stain is difficult to remove, you may need to purchase a commercial rust remover that contains oxalic acid.

Step 5 - Mop the Floor

Now that you have thoroughly prepped your floor for its final cleaning, use a bucket of water and detergent (or a commercial cleaning product) to mop your floor completely. If you use bleach, ventilate the room completely. After mopping the floor, rinse it with clean water.

Step 6 - Paint the Floor

If stains on your concrete cannot be removed, you may want to paint the floor. Use a light color so that chips in the floor will be less noticeable. If stains are dark, then use a darker color of paint to more effectively cover the dark chips.