How to Clean Copper Downspouts

What You'll Need
Drain snake with drill
Copper dleaner

Keeping copper downspouts clean both inside and out will guarantee good water flow and an excellent appearance. Unlike aluminum or plastic guttering, copper requires special polishing on the outside to protect its look and longevity. Copper is not magnetic so if you try a magnet next to it and it doesn’t stick, you know it is real copper.

Step 1 – Remove Brackets

You will need to remove the bands or brackets from the lower part of the copper downspout to release it from the wall. Make sure that you have cleaned the top guttering and the hole at the top of the downspout.

Step 2 – Drain Snake

Use the drain snake and wind it up the length of the downspout until it pops out of the top hole. Then, retract it back very slowly, leaving the drill switched on. Once you have retracted it fully, let it come out and switch the drill off. Then, flush with a hosepipe in the same way. Replace the brackets or bands and secure the downspout back to the wall.

Step 3 – Polishing

Polish the outer copper downspout, using a clean lint free cloth and copper polish. This will bring the gleam back to it.