How to Clean Copper Plumbing Fittings

What You'll Need
Steel wool
Wire fitting brush

Copper plumbing fittings are highly used because of its quality. They are not very expensive, yet are more durable than any other type of fitting. They are also non-porous and can be bent into shape. To maintain a copper plumbing fitting make sure you keep it is cleaned prior to installing with your plumbing system.

Step 1 – Rub the Copper Fittings

Rub the areas of the copper fittings that will be attached to the pipe using a steel wool. Rub vigorously and firmly, as this is the only way copper can be properly cleaned. Go over the surface until you reach a shiny finish.

Step 2 – Clean the Fitting

Clean the inside of the fitting using a wire brush, making a clockwise motion several times. Make sure you get a wire fitting brush that is appropriately sized for your fittings. If the wire brush is too small it will not be cleaned very well. Same goes with a brush that is too big and that will be too tight.

Step 3 – Brush the Fittings

Brush the fittings until the copper fittings are shiny and clean. Once this is achieved, your copper plumbing fittings will be ready to use. You can be sure that it will be durable and last a long time.