How to Clean Cultured Marble Sinks

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What You'll Need
Nonabrasive washcloth
Commercial marble cleaner
Soft sponge

If you've been looking for an effective way to clean cultured marble sinks, you'll be pleased to learn that these sinks can be properly cleaned with nothing more than a nonabrasive marble cleaner and a few basic household cleaning tools. After completing the following steps, your cultured marble sink will shine like new.

Step 1 - Purchase a Marble Cleaning Solution

Before attempting to clean a cultured marble sink, make sure that you have a dependable marble cleaner, such as Sprayway or Howard Naturals, on hand. Most household cleaning products, and even a fair number of homemade cleaning solutions, are too abrasive to use on cultured marble. After confirming that you've purchased a suitable marble cleaner, spray it onto your sink and allow it to set in for the amount of time listed on the cleaner's packaging.

Step 2 - Clean Your Cultured Marble Sink

Now that you've applied your marble cleaning solution, you'll need to use a nonabrasive washcloth or a soft sponge to vigorously wipe away any dirt, grime or smudges that are plaguing your sink. Avoid using regular washcloths, paper towels, or scrub brushes when performing this step, as they are too rough for cultured marble. Rinse the freshly cleaned sink with water in order to get remove any remaining traces of marble cleaner.