How to Clean Engineered Flooring

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Cleaning engineered flooring is simple and should be done regularly. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your floor, as the main damage to these floors is dust and grit brought into the house on shoes. The grit scratches and wears the surface coating. The best way to stop grit from being brought into the home is to train the family to take their shoes off at the door. If this rule will not work in your house, place doormats at each entry door and encourage everybody to scrub their shoes when they come in.

If you have a dog, make sure its toenails are kept trimmed so there is no scratching of the flooring surface. The better you look after your engineered floor, the longer it will keep its original look.

Remove Small Furniture

Remove all chairs and small furniture before you start. If you are moving furniture as you work you will often miss spots as well as making the job harder than it needs to be.

Sweep and Vacuum

Sweep the floor and then vacuum making sure you get into all corners and under large furniture. This should be done at least twice a week to lengthen the time between needing to mop the floor.

Mop the Floor

Fill the bucket ¾ full with water. Add the cleaning liquid to the water. Squeeze out the mop and mop the floor. Don't allow the floor to get too wet, the mop should be damp, not dripping wet.

If you find goo or gum stuck to the floor, use ice cubes to freeze it, then scrape it off. Don't walk over your wet floor until it has dried. Don't be tempted to use oil or wax-based cleaning or polishing products and they can damage the surface.

Dry the Floor

Wrap the towel about the broom and use it to dry the floor. Always dry up any spills so liquids are not lying on the floor for any length of time. If you live in a dry environment, you may need to buy a humidifier as very dry air can damage engineered floors over time.

Be careful of the type of cleaning liquid you use on engineered floors. Harsh chemicals or oils will damage the floor coating so use mild cleaning liquids for preference. Dishwashing liquid or vinegar in water is a good cleaner for engineered flooring.

When the floor is worn, recoat the floor, this will help to keep the floor from becoming too scratched. Protect your floors for a long life as they can only be refinished once or twice, where hardwood floors can be finished many times. The reason is that engineered floors consist of only a thin veneer over a base of sawdust or plywood so it is easily worn through.

Make sure you replace your mop and broom before they wear down so much that they start to scratch the surface.