How to Clean EPDM Rubber Roofing

What You'll Need
Rubber roof cleaner
Spray applicator
Sponge mop
Clean water
Garden hose with spray nozzle
Self-Leveling sealant
Caulking gun

One of the important keys to maintaining the viability of EPDM rubber roofing is to inspect this membrane for leaks and seams where evidence suggests possible future separation. In order to perform these inspections your EPDM roof must be clean and free from debris, dust, and dirt that might impair you from finding these leaks and deteriorating seams. To inspect your roof you must be able to see it.

Step 1 – Clean off Loose Debris

Remove loose dirt or debris by sweeping your roof or spraying with a garden hose and nozzle.

Step 2 – Applying Your Rubber Roof Cleaner

Use a sprayer to apply a rubber roofing cleaner, applying in circular motions with a soft bristle or sponge mop. To get better coverage, work small areas, one at a time. Remove dirty cleaner residue by soaking it up with your sponge mop and rinsing it out in a bucket that has clean water in it. If you find remaining residue after cleaning with your mop, loosen this residue by spraying it with a hose and spray nozzle. Then clean off the loosened residue.