How to Clean Flagstone Floors

What You'll Need
Broom and dustpan
Floor sealer

While you might think of flagstone floors as requiring little maintenance due to their rugged nature, the truth is that they require regular cleaning. What follows should give you enough information to keep your flagstone floors clean and tidy.

Step 1 - Remove the Debris

In order to avoid moving dirt around and causing stains when you mop, you should always sweep before washing flagstone floors. Use your broom and dust pan to remove as many loose particles as you can before you start to mop.

Step 2 - Mop the Floor

Fill your bucket with water and soak your mop in it. Next, wring out the mop so it is only damp. Place the mop on the floor and move it up and down. Repeat as necessary until you have covered the whole floor. (Reapply water to your mop as needed.)

Step 3 - Seal the Floor

You can get the best results by using a sealing product on your flagstone floors. Empty out your bucket and fill it with sealer. Use your mop to apply the sealer in a back-and-forth motion.