How to Clean Granite Flooring

pink gloved hands cleaning granite
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-800
What You'll Need
Blotting cloth
Dry dust mop
pH-Neutral dish soap
Drying cloth
Floor buffer (rent one, if possible)

Though granite flooring is made of stone, that does not mean it can handle any type of cleaning. You must take care when cleaning a granite floor if you want it to look as nice as it did when it was first installed. Here are some things every granite floor owner or caretaker should know.

Blot, Don't Wipe

Just like with carpet, when there is a spill on granite flooring it needs to be blotted, not wiped. Wiping the spill will just work it into small cracks in the stone.

Dry Mop Newly Installed or Freshly Grouted Granite

If the granite floor has just been installed or grouted, you don’t want to use a wet mop on the floor. This won’t damage your floor but will likely leave very noticeable streaks from spreading the fine dust that is left. It’s best to use a vacuum and a dry dust mop that’s not treated.

Clean Daily

Prevent daily dirty buildup by sticking to a daily cleaning routine with a dry microfiber dust mop. This will help minimize the need to do deep cleaning and allow your floor's natural beauty to shine through. It will also keep your grout clean, which is the hardest aspect to cleaning a granite floor.

Only Use pH-Balanced Cleaning Solvents

If you should be inclined to deep clean do not go overboard with cleaning products. Dish soap that is pH-neutral will work the best. Harsh chemicals can leave noticeable streaks and/or change the color of your granite as well as make it feel grainy. Also be sure to rinse your floor very well and dry it with a cloth rather than letting it air-dry (air-drying will create streaks and since granite is porous, it is best not to let it absorb the water).

Buff the Floor Regularly

Polished granite floors should be buffed as regularly as possible. If you don’t have a buffer but have a large granite floor, you might want to invest in a buffer machine since hiring somebody on a regular basis will add up over time. A small room can be buffed with a dry cloth and some good ole elbow grease.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines for Floors Covered with a Sealer

Granite flooring that is covered with a sealer needs to be cleaned according to the specifications of the sealer’s manufacturer. Be sure to get the name of the sealer if you have somebody apply the sealant for you and don’t just take their word for it. It’s important to know the proper way to clean a granite floor that is protected with sealer before you actually do so as some cleaning solvents can damage the sealant and/or your flooring.