How to Clean Halogen Ovens

hand using halogen oven cooking device
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What You'll Need
Glass bowl
Clean cloths
Paper towels
Kitchen cleaning spray
What You'll Need
Glass bowl
Clean cloths
Paper towels
Kitchen cleaning spray

A Halogen oven is a countertop appliance that operates from a 120 Volts standard household outlet and works in a similar way as the now very popular “air fryer”, except for its heat source. It has a glass heating chamber with a lid inside which a convection fan is mounted along with a halogen light used as its heating element.

As an integral part of the lid, a timer, shut-off, mode selection, and temperature control interface are conveniently located on top of it for easier access and control. Mechanical turn-knobs and other mechanical control are being substituted in newer models with a digital keypad, offering better more accurate temperature control.

A marked benefit of cooking with the halogen oven is that its reduced size chamber makes it capable of cooking in nearly 1/3 the time of a conventional oven.

Cooking Aids

The halogen oven chamber can easily be complemented with an extension (or extender) ring or a multi-level rack to elevate the food thus decreasing the grilling effect during the cooking process while also ensuring that your food doesn’t end up overcooked, especially when cooking whole chickens, roasts, or other larger food items.

The appliance can also be accessorized with peripherals such as a frying basket for “air-frying”.

The inclusive lid stands could be flimsy and might be better substituted with a “grill tray rack which is by far much safer by offering more stability.

Tongs and “baking/steaming” trays are more accessories complementing only the more expensive oven models and can offer great cooking/baking aids with your halogen oven.

Halogen Ovens Features and Operating Modes

No matter which model oven you have, the cooker has a variety of features available, and for more than just cooking. Halogen ovens usually come with a self-cleaning mode to make cleaning the inside of the cooker easier with less elbow grease and kitchen cleaner.

There’s also a “thaw/wash” function on most models that doubles up as a cleaning feature. The wash setting can be very practical and more economical to use whenever there aren’t too many baked-on splashes and stains involved, in which case the “wash” mode may not be effective enough.

Another practical feature you might have on many cookers is the ability to be able to remove the heating elements for easier and more effective cleaning.

chicken legs cooking in halogen oven

Halogen Oven Cleaning

You should always thoroughly clean your halogen oven inside and out after every use in order to keep dirt and stain marks to get permanently “cooked” onto its visible surfaces but also inside the lid around its electrical components.

1. Add Water

The basic cleaning of the oven is actually quite simple as all it involves is to pour two inches (50 mm) of hot water into a glass bowl and then place the bowl on the metal rack inside the oven chamber. Note that hotter water will help to get rid of the tougher baking stains inside the oven.

Warning: Having more than two inches (50 mm) of water inside the bowl could cause the water to spill over into the unit's internal elements damaging the electrical as the water boils during the cleaning cycle.

2. Start Self Clean

Close the lid and set the oven mode to “self-cleaning” or to “thaw/wash”.

3. Complete Cycle

The oven should then be run through its cleaning cycle for at least 10 minutes or whatever period is prescribed in your owner’s manual.

4. Check Results

Turn off the cleaning mode once you’ve reached the suggested cleaning time. Once the self-cleaning cycle is completed, you’ll find that much of the work has been done with the worst of the baking stains off, but it still may not have been cleaned to your satisfaction.

5. Protect Your Hands

Using pot holders or dish towels, remove the bowl of water so you can work without fear of scalding yourself.

6. Spray and Wipe

Apply a kitchen spray to the interior of the halogen oven and wipe with a clean cloth. If the oven hasn’t been cleaned for some time you might need to scrub hard to remove more stubborn stains.

Never, however, resort to using any corrosive or abrasive products abrasive on the halogen oven surface or it will damage and scratch the surfaces.

7. Soak Tough Spots

For the more resilient debris, put on more kitchen spray if needed to soften the dirt, and leave it to soak for a while.

8. Rinse and Wipe

Finish by rinsing the inside of the oven thoroughly, then wipe down all surfaces dry to remove all the residues and leave the halogen oven interior sparkling.

Warning: The lid of the halogen oven is the part that can receive the most food splashes and cleaning it properly will extend the life span of your appliance. You will need, however, to be very careful washing it as it contains all the electrical components within.

For this reason, it’s vital not to submerge the entire lid in water and instead use a sponge or cloth for cleaning it.

9. Remove Heating Element

With some models, the heating element or halogen light can be removed making it much easier to clean. If this is the case, remove the element from the appliance and set the glass chamber aside.

10. Spray and Soak

Apply kitchen spray inside the lid and scrub it inside to remove all debris, being careful not to disturb or damage any of the electrical parts left inside. Leave the kitchen spray to soak a bit for stubborn stains. Use a damp sponge or cloth to scrub out the dirt and stains.

11. Dry Thoroughly

Once cleaned, make sure the lid is completely dried out before placing the lid back on the glass oven. This will reduce the risk of electrical damage and corrosion.

12. Clean Exterior

While waiting for the lid to dry, the exterior of the halogen oven can be cleaned with a standard kitchen cleaning spray and a clean cloth.

Spray on and clean carefully, being sure to also clean the back and underside of the oven, as well as the rack in the oven and other accessories used to cook. Cleaning all these areas will complete the cleaning of the halogen oven.

Bottom Line

Taking good care of your halogen oven and ensuring that it’s being operated properly will lead to delicious, healthy food and a longer lifespan for the unit.

The cost is obviously the ultimate variable when looking for a halogen oven, so considering your cooking/baking preferences will help determine which accessories you’ll need for cooking and help you make a sound choice at the purchase, realizing also that more accessories = more cleaning time.