How to Clean Hanging Blinds

What You'll Need
Mild Detergent
Feather Duster
Spot Cleaner
Soft Brush Or Cloth
Vacuum With Dusting Attachment (Optional)
Bleach (Optional)
Garden Hose (Optional)

Hanging blinds or vertical blinds are relatively low maintenance, but they do require some degree of cleaning to keep looking good. If not cleaned regularly, they will eventually build up a heavy amount of dirt, grime and dust. Here are a few basic steps and cleaning tips that can make your blinds look like new again.

Step 1 – Regular Cleaning

This is your best line of defense against your blinds becoming dusty and grimy. As soon as they are installed, get into a regular cleaning habit with them. For many types—especially wooden, vinyl or aluminum blinds—going over them with a feather duster is all it takes. You may also opt to use a vacuum dusting attachment. Either way, make sure to clean off both sides of your blinds on a regular basis.

For more heavy duty cleaning, follow the steps below.

Step 2 – Remove From Hanger

You’ll need to take your blinds down to do any major cleaning. Remove them from their hooks at the top, and disconnect the chains at the bottom. Some fabric blinds will have weights in a pocket sewn into the bottom, and these will need to be removed for cleaning.

Take your blinds outside if weather permits, as this will be the easiest place to do the cleaning. If you can’t take them outside, the bath tub will suffice.

Step 3 – Vinyl, Aluminum, And Wooden Blinds

For most hard blinds like vinyl, aluminum or wood, water mixed with a mild detergent is enough to do the trick. Scrub them down with a sponge or brush. If your blinds are white, you can even add a bit of bleach for some extra whitening power as you clean. As you clean, make sure that you don’t bend or twist your blinds unnecessarily.

After you’ve finished cleaning both sides of all your blinds, rinse them with clean water. This can be done especially easy if you have a garden hose available to spray them with. Once rinsed, allow them to dry in the sun. If cleaning indoors in your bathtub, you can use your shower to rinse them off, but you’ll need to use a towel to dry them before hanging them back up.

Step 4 – Fabric Blinds

Depending on the material, fabric blinds can be either easier or harder to clean than harder types. Some fabric blinds can be cleaned in a washing machine with a mild detergent. Make sure if you do this that you set it for cleaning delicates. Refer to any manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning before putting your blinds in the washing machine. If necessary, spray any stains with a spot cleaner before washing. After you finish washing them, hang them up to air dry rather than use the drier. If you have any wrinkles, a light steam setting on your iron is enough to get the wrinkles out.

If you don’t want to or can’t use the washing machine, you are pretty much limited to spot cleaning. Buy a spot cleaner specifically permitted for use on whatever material your blinds are. For cleaning, you can usually leave the blinds hanging up, and scrub over the spot cleaner with a soft brush or cloth.