How to Clean Latex Paint off Leather

What You'll Need
Warm water
Leather cleaner
Leather conditioner

Removing latex paint from leather, while sometimes difficult, is often possible with little to no damage to the leather.

Step 1 – Soften the Paint

You'll want the paint softened so that it can be removed with the least amount of hassle. To accomplish this, take a cloth made of soft material and run it under warm water. Apply this compress to the paint until the paint begins to soften.

Step 2 – Remove the Paint

Once that's done, you can try to peel away as much of the paint as possible. It's important to be gentle with this and never try to scrub at it, as that could cause unnecessary damage.

Step 3 – Clean the Leather

After you've gotten off as much of the paint as possible, apply a leather cleaner to the stained area following the instructions on the cleaner bottle. Don't be alarmed if this causes your leather to look worn; this is common.

Step 4 – Repair the Leather

Once you have all of the paint off, the leather needs to be repaired to its normal state. To do this, simply use a leather conditioner. This should remove any dullness caused by the cleaner.