How to Clean Limestone

What You'll Need
Stone cleaner

In order to properly clean limestone, you must follow a few steps to get the job done right. Limestone is a very porous substance and it can allow dirt and stains to penetrate the surface. Here are the basics of how to properly clean limestone.

Step 1: Use Water

Use water to clean the limestone surface. You do not want to start out with harsh chemicals if water will do the job. Take some warm water and use it to clean the surface of the limestone. If you are cleaning limestone on the floor, you may want to use a mop to do the job, as it will be easier on you. If you are cleaning a small surface, you may want to use a rag to really get in there and clean well.

Step 2: Stone Cleaner

If the water does not work, you may need to use a stone cleaner. There are a number of different commercial cleaners available on the market. Purchase one of these and mix it in a mop bucket. Then use this solution to clean the floor.