How to Clean Limestone Fireplace Surrounds

What You'll Need
Soft sponge
Liquid soap

If you have some limestone fireplace surrounds in you home, then you may notice that it needs to be cleaned often. Frequent cleaning can help to prevent the limestone colors from looking dingy, and it will also prevent the softer limestone material from being scratched by dust particles. Cleaning a limestone fireplace surround is not very difficult.

Step 1 - Clean the Limestone

Start by cleaning your limestone fireplace surrounds. You can do this using a simple duster. Simply wipe it over the surfaces. This will help to keep the area dust free while you work and will remove large particles. Once you have been over the surround with a duster, vacuum the limestone. You could use a soft vacuum attachment to get at the deepest parts.

Step 2 - Polish the Limestone

Take your liquid soap and place it onto the cleaning surface of a soft sponge, such as a bath sponge. Wipe evenly over the surface of the limestone. You should then wipe it clean with a fresh duster. Repeat this process until you have cleaned the entire surface of the limestone fireplace surrounds. Lastly, wipe it completely dry using a bath towel.