How to Clean Marble Countertops

What You'll Need
Soft flannel cloth
Washing fluid
Sealing floor wax polish
Mild bleach

In houses where marble is used a big problem is knowing How to Clean Marble Tops. Marble is a natural stone and is very delicate. The use of marble in house constructions gives the house a very posh and elegant look. Dealing with marble is a very tactful procedure. Chemicals too harsh can damage the surface polish similarly cleaners too mild can leave a misty finish.

Step 1: Regular Cleaning and Precaution

It is wise to keep marble counter tops clean. Using warm water on a soft flannel rag can do this. Regular water is not a good choice because if not dried properly, salt is left as residue. This damages the polished surface temporarily. If the counter top is regularly cleaned lesser deposits result in a shinier cleaner marble surface. This also increases marble life and helps cut down on maintenance bills. Sharp domestic acids should be carefully used. The common examples are lemon and vinegar. These eat up marble surface, leaving white engravings on the point of contact.

Step 2: Ridding the Counter of Grease

The first step is to clean the counter with a diluted solution of mild shampoo. The water should be wiped off with the help of mirror wipers. The marble surface is left clean and wax free. In case of white marble, a small amount of mild bleach can help restore the brightness of marble. Using bleach takes a lot of care, as it needs to be cleaned properly. Leaving bleach will result in the marble surface becoming rigid and rough. A very small amount of wax polish is used to seal the marble surface. This is removed by rubbing with a dry flannel cloth.

Step 3: Getting Rid of Tough Stains

A very reliable way of removing stains from marbles is by using baking soda. A dilute solution of baking soda with water is used to clean residue. The solution is splattered on marble surface with the help of a cloth and left for an hour. Later the cloth is used to rub the liquid in by clockwise strokes. Access water is drained and the counter is washed with fresh water. Use of baking soda not only removes stains and slightly bleaches the surface but it also removes odors that linger for days otherwise. Every step should be finished by drying and buffing with dry flannel. Flannel works best because of its absorbent nature.

Step 4: Shining the Counter Top

A very reliable remedy for shining marble tops is the use of chalk. Chalk used on black boards is crushed and spread in a trough. A clean flannel rag is dipped in water and excess of fluid is squeezed out. The cloth is then dabbed with chalk powder from the trough and is pasted over the counter. The chalk should be applied with overlapping strokes. The cloth is occasionally dipped in water to form a paste of the chalk applied. This coating is left on the counter for almost an hour. When it dries, a dry cloth is used to clean the marble surface. Rubbing the marble surface with a dry cloth causes a buffing affect. This imparts shine and also works as an abrasive.