How to Clean Metal Ceiling Tiles

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What You'll Need
Feather duster
Warm water
Dish soap
Clean rag
Metal polish

Generally speaking, tin ceilings are a very low-maintenance. Metal tiles of any variety are quite resistant to stains and damage of all types. In addition, your ceiling probably receives less dirt, water, and other stain-causing materials than any other part of your home. However, in the unlikely event that the metal tiles on your ceiling get dirty, you will need to clean them.

Step 1Dust the Tiles

In order to keep your tiles looking their best, you will have to dust them. Simply go over the tiles with a feather duster. Use one with a long handle if possible. If you dont have one, youll have to get on a ladder.

Step 2Mix the Cleaning Solution

Get out a bucket and fill it with warm water. Squirt in a small amount of dish soap and mix them together thoroughly. You read that rightall you need is soapy water.

Step 3Wash the Tiles

Now, you need a ladder regardless of whether you used one in Step 1. Soak your sponge in the mixture you made and then wring it out so it doesnt drip. Nowyou guessed itscrub the ceiling. When you have finished cleaning a particular area, dry it off with a towel. When youve cleaned all the tiles you can reach, move your ladder to an adjacent area and repeat.

Step 4Polish the Tiles

If, after this, some of your tiles still look drab, faded, or even dirty, there are many varieties of commercially produced metal polish that you can use in this situation. It is best to choose one formulated specifically for the particular type of metal from which your ceiling tiles are made.

Put a small amount of this on a clean rag and apply it to the problematic tiles. Use a second clean rag to remove the polish once you have applied it. Remember: focus your efforts on tiles that look the worse for wear. Chances are good that not all of your tiles actually need to be polished.

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