How to Clean Mirror Tiles

Having streak-free mirror tiles can dramatically change the appearance of any room. Keeping up with regular mirror cleanings is the is the only way to keep those tiles from looking smeared and grungy. Once a mirror becomes overwhelmed with dust, dirt and lint it can take numerous of cleaning to restore it back to it’s brilliant shine. Therefore, having proper knowledge of what chemicals to use on your mirror can keep that lasting sparkle in your tiles for a very long time.

Bleach vs. Vinegar

Using harmful chemicals like Bleach and other harsh cleaning aids can damage the glass on the mirror tiles. It can also leave a hazy smear over the area of tiles as well. It could take many cleaning with soap and water to erase the effect that bleach leaves behind. Therefore, you should only use non-harmful chemicals like vinegar or glass cleaners.

  • Make a vinegar solution. Use 2 parts vinegar to 4 parts water.
  • Spray the mirror in a circular motion.
  • Take a clean cloth and dry the mirror in a circular motion. After you have followed all the steps you should notice that you have streak free mirror tiles.