How to Clean Mold on Windows

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What You'll Need
Scrubbing brush
Paper towels

Mold on windows is a very common problem that many homeowners have to deal with. If you find mold growing on any of your windows, you need to remove it immediately. Here are the basics of how to clean mold off of windows.

Step 1 - Scrub the Area

To remove the mold, you will need to thoroughly scrub it. Start out by using a mixture of warm water and soap. Take a rag or a scrubbing brush and use it to break down the mold. If the mold is thick, you will most likely need to use a scrubbing brush to break it up. Otherwise, a rag should be able to do the job.

Step 2 - Use Bleach

After you have removed the mold, you will need to disinfect the area with bleach. Take a mixture of one part bleach and one part water and apply it to the window area. Use a rag to spread the bleach around the entire window area. You should also consider wearing rubber gloves to protect yourself from the bleach.

Step 3 - Dry the Area

Take paper towels and use them to wipe down the area. You want to remove any traces of moisture so that mold will not be able to grow back.