How to Clean Out a Basement Sump Pump

What You'll Need
Plastic sheet
Garden hose
Plastic scraper
Wet/dry shop vac
Bucket or container

Residential basements, particularly in areas with high ground-water levels, will often use a basement sump pump to remove unwanted water from the basement. To keep your sump pump working properly you will need to occasionally clean it. Here's how.

Step 1 - Shut Off Electrical Power

Unplug your pump from its electrical power source. Or, at your circuit breaker panel, turn off the circuit that supplies power to your pump.

Step 2 - Disconnect the Pump from its Discharge Pipe

Locate the discharge pipe your pump is connected to and disconnect it.

Step 3 - Clean Off Your Sump Pump

sump pump

Wrap your pump in a plastic sheet to prevent spilling sludge and dirt on your floor. Then carry the pump outside where you can rinse it off. Use a garden hose to rinse off any sludge, dirt, or debris. To remove caked sludge or dirt, use a plastic scraper or putty knife.

Step 4 - Remove Standing Water

From the sump pit, remove standing water by using a wet/dry vac. Drain water from your check valve by first placing a bucket under it to catch draining water. Clean your check valve by removing it and rinsing it off. Then replace it.

Step 5 - Reconnect Your Pump

Reconnect your pump to the discharge pipe and plug in the power cord.

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