How to Clean Pet Hair off the Carpet

If you have tried to remove pet hair with conventional brooms or even the most up-to-date vacuum, you are well aware how challenging this task can be. Here are tips about tools that will help make this never-ending task easier on yourself and your carpet.

Carpet Rake

If you ever had a shag rug in your home, chances are you still own a tool called a carpet rake. This device has fine metal tines that will open up even short-tufted rugs to lift pet hair. Pull it through the carpet with short upward movements, and catch the hairs in a dustpan. A large, wide paint tray also works well to collect pet fur from a carpet rake.

Rubber Sweeper Broom

This long-handled broom has a long, narrow rubber head with very short, compact bristles on one side and a squeegee head on the other. First invented to help sweep, mop and dry tile floors, it is a miracle-worker on carpets to lift out pet hair. As you pull the rubber sweeper broom with short, firm strokes across the carpet, it generates static electricity that makes the pet hairs cling to its bristles. You can tug the hairs off easily for disposal.