How to Clean Plastic Patio Furniture

Whether it’s a cheap patio chair or an elegant lounger, you can clean your plastic patio furniture without a problem. Since outdoor chairs pick up dirt quicker than any others, you should definitely take a little time to clean up your plastic furniture. Keep reading for some basic instructions on cleaning your outdoor plastic patio furniture.

The Cleaning Products

There are many products available on the market today to help people clean their furniture. However, for your basic plastic patio furniture, you will only need some soap and a bit of water. This will remove any dirt that has attached to the furniture, as well as any marks or stains. A dish soap will work the best, but any sort of cleaning soap will do the job. Simply add the soap to a bucket of warm water and mix it up until the soap dissolves. You will also need a cloth or sponge of some kind to soak in the cleaning mixture and wipe down the furniture.

Washing the Furniture

First, place the pieces of furniture that need to be cleaned in an open area where water can freely be sprayed, such as the driveway or the lawn. Next, remove any cushions that are part of the furniture. Use a hose to spray down the plastic, removing the loose dirt. Take the cloth or sponge and immerse it in the cleaning mixture. Once it is soaked with the mixture, begin to wipe down the furniture. Focus on spots that have dirt and grime stuck to it, and make sure to remove any obvious stains or marks. Once you have washed the entire piece of furniture, take the hose again and spray the chair to remove any remaining soap. 

Drying the Furniture

Use a soft, dry cloth or towel to dry off the piece of furniture. Be sure to dry in small crevices and corners so you do not allow mold to grow. Once you have dried off the entire piece, replace the cushions you removed earlier and place the piece back in its location on your patio. You can also allow your furniture to air dry, but you may find water spots later on.

Painting to Hide

A fantastic, easy way to clean up your plastic patio furniture is to paint it. You will not only be able to cover up unsightly scratches and marks that won’t come off with basic cleaning, but you can also make the plastic take on the look of another material. In other words, you can make your ultra cheap, plastic patio chair look like a nice form of metal. Depending on the type of paint and finish you are using, you can create different looks to give the impressions of many different materials.

Consistent Maintenance

You can avoid having to clean your patio furniture all the time by consistently cleaning it. Once every week or two, take a cloth with a bit of water and wipe down your plastic furniture. This will remove dirt before it builds up and will remove stains before they grow.