How to Clean Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers come in different shapes and can be laid in different patterns. They are also very durable and easy to maintain. To increase the lifespan of your rubber pavers, you should clean them daily using a mop and broom. Clean them once or twice a week, but be careful not to wash too much as this may cause them to lose their color. Make sure to clean any stains as soon as possible; otherwise, it will stick on the rubber tile and these may be difficult to take out. Rubber pavers are great when you have kids around as they are safe to use and will provide a soft padding which will prevent them from getting hurt since they are slip-resistant. If they are damaged, it is very easy to change the damaged pieces, and it’s inexpensive as it does not require many tools and labor to replace them. You need to avoid using any alkaline based cleaners as the color can run out very quickly making it look dull. They can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Tools and Materials

  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Mild dish soap
  • Rag mop or Sponge
  • White rags
  • Brush
  • A pair of gloves

Step 1: Clean the Floor

With the broom, clean the floor properly to make sure that all the dirt is taken out.

Step 2: Vacuum the Floor

Use the vacuum to take out any dirt or dust on the edges of the floor.

Step 3: Mix Soap and Water

Take a bucket of water and add a few drops of mild soap. Mix the water with your hands so that the soap is mixed with the water.

Step 4: Clean the Floor

Clean the floor properly by dipping the mop or sponge in the water. Repeat this process until you clean the entire floor completely making sure that you keep on dipping the mop or sponge in the water.

Step 5: Take Out any Stains with a Brush

Take out any stains by brushing the floor properly making sure that the stain is loosened properly so that it can be washed away. Wear a pair of gloves while doing this.

Step 6: Refill the Bucket with Fresh Water

Throw out all the soap water, rinse the bucket well until all the soap residue is completely washed away and make sure the bucket is filled with clean and fresh water.

Step 7: Clean the Floor Properly  

Clean the floor properly with the clean water until the soap residue is completely gone.

Step 8: Dry the Floor

Dry the floor properly with the white rag, making sure it is completely dry.