How to Clean Soap Scum From Your Shower Mirror

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-40
What You'll Need
Soft cloths
Paper towels
Microfiber 2-sided bath mitt
Ammonia-based glass cleaner
Used dryer sheets
Shaving cream
Shampoo or bubble bath
Rain-X (TM) or other rain-repelling windshield washer fluid

A fog-free shower mirror is a great convenience, but it can still develop a soap scum layer after a few weeks. Several methods to clean it and to protect its finish will be discussed below. The most important thing to remember is to clean your shower mirror so that the fog-free coating will be protected. Otherwise, you will need to get another fog-free mirror. Follow these suggestions and tips below to safely clean soap scum off your shower mirror.

Remove the Shower Mirror From the Shower

Dampen the shower mirror surface and rub it briskly with paper towels to remove the topmost layer of soap scum. Apply cream-based shaving cream, not the gel type, all over the mirror surface. Rub with paper towels or soft cloth until all the shaving cream has disappeared to lift off stuck-on soap scum.

Apply Shampoo or Bubble Bath to a Damp Mirror

Squirt a drop of shampoo onto the mirror and work it into a lather with paper towels or a washcloth. Rub steadily until the soap scum has been lifted. Bubble bath with soap scum inhibitors applied like shampoo, also works well on shower mirrors.

Rub the Mirror Surface With a Used Dryer Sheet

The fabric softener in most dryer sheets can remove sticky film from glass and mirrors. Make sure the mirror surface is perfectly dry before using a dryer sheet on it. Rub the dryer sheet all over the mirror, and you will be able to see the scum darkening the dryer sheet fibers.

Use a Bath Mitt to Scrub the Mirror

Rubbing the mirror with the scrubber side of a 2-sided microfiber bath mitt will enhance the cleaning power of any of the cleaners mentioned above. The soft microfiber will not scratch or damage the mirror's fog-free finish.

With a soft cloth, apply a light coat of any of the rain-repellent windshield washer fluids available on the market to the mirror. Soap scum will not stick to your mirror, and water beads will shrink in size, enabling you to see in the mirror clearly.

Cleaners to Avoid Using on Your Fog-free Shower Mirror

Do not use vinegar on your shower mirror, or any of the specialized bathroom cleaners meant to remove soap scum from tile and stainless steel. These cleaners will remove the fog-free coating from your mirror. Do not use any abrasive cleaners on your fog-free mirror, as these will both scratch the mirror surface and lift the fog-free coating.