How to Clean Suspended Ceiling Tiles

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need
Feather duster or static cleaning brush
Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment

Cleaning a suspended ceiling is neither difficult nor does it require any special training. It can usually be done with a feather duster or static brush. Use a duster with an extension for high suspended ceiling tiles that you cannot easily reach. A vacuum cleaner can also help to keep your ceiling clean. It will remove dust and other debris that accumulates on the ceiling tiles and keep your suspended ceiling looking clean and well maintained. Here are some tips for choosing the equipment that makes the most sense for your suspended ceiling.

Option One - Dust the Suspended Ceiling Tiles

To avoid carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner, many people prefer to clean ceiling tiles with either a feather duster or a static cleaning tile, which uses static electricity to attract dust and remove it from the ceiling. Either tool is adequate to keep your ceiling clean.

Option Two - Vacuum the Suspended Ceiling Tiles

woman armed with a vacuum accessory
You can use a vacuum cleaner instead of a feather duster or static cleaning brush to clean the suspended ceiling tiles if you like. If you decide to clean with a vacuum, use a ladder if necessary to reach the tiles in a high suspended ceiling. With a long attachment, vacuum away any spider webs and other dust that you are unable to remove using a feather duster or static cleaning brush.

Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule

You should create a regular cleaning schedule for removing the dust and dirt from your suspended ceiling tiles. Depending on the height of the suspended ceiling tiles in your home, use the appropriate equipment necessary to perform this task safely. If the ceiling tiles are too high to reach safely with a ladder, use an extension pole to gain access to the suspended ceiling tiles. If you maintain a regular weekly or monthly cleaning schedule, cleaning your suspended ceiling tiles will not be a problem.