How to Clean Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a common and durable kind of furniture mostly used outside. With a little bit of maintenance it can last a very long time. Left untreated, the color of the wood will turn to a gray or silver tint.

Cleaning the Teak Furniture

At home improvement or hardware stores, you might be able to find cleaners specifically designed for teak furniture. There are even special brushes and scrubbing pads you can purchase. If not, you can use diluted laundry detergent to scrub and clean your furniture.

Sealing and Protecting

If you want to maintain the warm brown color of your teak furniture, you’ll want to use a protector or sealant to help maintain the color. UV protector is helpful for outdoor furniture, because it will protect your furniture from the sun and the elements.

Using Teak Oil

You can also use teak oil on your furniture to keep it in good shape. If you use teak oil on indoor furniture, you’ll only need one coat and that will last you quite a while. Make sure your furniture is completely dry before you apply oil or a sealant. You can use both if you really want to maintain your furniture. Make sure you wipe off excess oil.