How to Clean the Clutter from Under Your Bed

What You'll Need
measuring tape
vacuum cleaner
floor cloth

The problem of having too much clutter is common to practically any household. There never seems to be enough storage space to fit everything in. More often than not, it is easy to end up with several items scattered here and there, mostly in areas which are a bit out of sight. These often include underneath the bed. Let us go through some basic tips which can enable you to avoid having a lot of clutter underneath your bed:

Step 1: Start Emptying under the Bed

First of all, you have to start removing the items from under the bed. Place them in piles so that you can start checking them out afterwards.

Step 2: Sorting

Once you have emptied all the contents you have to start sorting them out. The best thing to go about it is to first see if there are any useless items which you may dispose of or donate or sell. Next, sort any items which could be easily stored away in other parts of the house. Then, you will end up with some items which you have the temptation of just tucking back away under the bed. But, do not do so just now, as there is a better way of storing these items.

Step 3: Create Storage Places

Take a look at the items you have to store again underneath your bed. Sort them again so as to place items which you rarely use at the back, and any things which you may use more frequently in more accessible areas near the edges of the bed. Then, while taking into account the sizes of such items, you can start to determine what types of storage compartments you will need. You can either use empty shoe boxes, or else buy some plastic covered storage boxes, which often have a window to enable you to see through. Another good idea is to use old drawers from a dresser or cabinet. These will manage to fit a number of items in them, and can then be inserted easily underneath the bed. Alternatively, if you have a knack at woodwork, you can build some storage cubes. The advantage of these storage cubes is that you can customize them according to the bed's height and the size of the objects you wish to store. Simply purchase some plywood sheets, and cut them according to the sizes you need. Then use screws to fasten the sides with the top and bottom part, so as to create a cube. Finally, once you have placed everything in the boxes, or whatever storage compartment you are going to utilize, you may wish to label them.

Step 4: Cleaning

Before inserting the storage compartments under the bed, it is best to clean the area well. Vacuum under the bed and then wipe with a damp floor cloth so as to remove dust particles and any other residue.

Step 5: Storing

Finally, you should have much fewer items to store beneath the bed. Besides, they should be adequately stored in a much neater and more accessible manner thanks to the storage compartments you used.