How to Clean the Rubber Roof of a Camper

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-30
What You'll Need
Spray Bottle

You may not see it on a regular basis, but chances are your camper rubber roof is in need of a clean. Here is a fool-proof way to clean the roof of your RV or motor home.

Step 1 - Clear Debris

Ascend to the camper rubber roof to remove anything you can by hand. This could be leaves, branches or other debris.

Step 2 - Mix Your Cleaner

Your camper manufacturer may have recommendations as to which cleaner to use on your camper rubber roof or you could use a non-abrasive household cleaner instead or even regular dish soap. Dilute your cleaner in water and mix in a bucket or, if you don't want to carry it up to your camper's roof, a spray bottle.

Step 3 - Scrub

Apply your cleaning solution to a small section of your camper rubber roof and then scrub with a bristled brush. Move on from section to section until you've cleaned the whole roof.

Step 4 - Rinse

The best way to rinse the cleaner off your camper rubber roof is with a hose. You could use buckets full of water but lugging them up to the roof could be tedious. A power washer is another option, but too much force could ruin your camper rubber roof.