How to Clean Up Candle Wax

What You'll Need
Old or used washcloth
Paper towel
Hair dryer
Paint scraper or spatula
Cajun Clean polish

While candles provide a romantic touch to any home space, candle wax can make a mess. When a candle is lit, the thick wax that drips from it can dirty the furniture, floors, carpets and even clothes. There are several ways to clean up or remove candle wax marks with minimal or no damage. Follow the steps below for a thorough cleaning.

Step 1 - Remove Wax Using an Ice Cube

Only attempt to remove and clean candle wax residue that is fully dry. When the candle wax is sticky and bends, you can use an ice cube to do the trick of hardening it. Simply hold the ice cube over the wax to drip on it. When the wax hardens, use any hard gadget like a butter knife or spatula to scrape off the excess from any surface. Scrapping the candle wax residues should be done gently to prevent damaging the surface where the wax landed.

Step 2 - Use a Medium-Heat Iron

When taking or removing off candle wax from cloth materials, it is helpful to use an iron on medium heat. Put a rag or cloth over the wax dripping, and use gentle strokes to iron the cloth until the wax melts. Use an old washcloth to absorb the wet wax. You can repeatedly iron the washcloth until the candle wax is removed from any surface of furniture or flooring, including carpet.

Step 3 - Clean Up the Surface

When the wax is fully removed from any surface, wipe the surface with a wet cloth to clean up marks of residues of any whitening. If the material is washable, toss it in the washer to remove remaining stains. If the surface is on furniture, apply polish or oil to the area to protect from residual wax.

Candle Wax Removal from Countertops

If wax dripped onto a countertop, determine if the surface is scratch-resistant. If it is, use a simple paint scraper to remove much of the wax. Then apply a Cajun Clean to a paper towel and use it to wipe the wax. If the countertop is not scratch-resistant, melt the wax drippings with a heat gun or a hair dryer. Gentle dab the wax as it melts.