How to Clean Walls with a Matte Finish

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What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Warm water
Gentle detergent
Clean lint-free cloth

Matte paint needs very careful treatment when you are washing the walls of your home. In order to maintain the integrity of the paint, you must clean it with soft materials and gentle solutions since it has a very fragile texture and coverage. It is a delicate operation to clean such a surface as it has very little protection. Here are some ideas that should help.

Step 1 – Vacuum

You need to vacuum the walls and ceiling of your room before you try to wipe the surface. If you leave behind any dust particles or debris, you risk the possibility of mixing it in with the cleaning solution and contaminating the clean water on the walls, so vacuum with care and use a brush nozzle if you have one.

Step 2 – Clean

Soapy water in a bucket

Dip a sponge in the warm soapy water. Make the solution weak but effective and do not, under any circumstances, use an abrasive cleaner or sponge. Gently squeeze the sponge and get rid of any excess water so you can avoid letting water drip into any electrical outlets. Next, softly begin washing the painted wall. Be very careful not to rub too hard or you can take the matte surface off the paint.

Step 3 – Dry with a Towel

Matte finish paint has a tendency to scrub off easily, owing to its lack of surface protection, so when you are finished with the first wash, wipe the wall very cautiously with the dry, lint-free cloth. Dab it gently rather than rubbing hard.

Step 4 – Give it a Second Wash

If you have any particularly difficult-to-remove scuff marks or stains on the matte paint, you will need to clean the surface a second time. Repeat the first steps and be even more careful. Since you will have already disturbed the delicate matte surface, extra caution is advised.

Step 5 – Rinse

Use a clean sponge and gently rinse the surface of the painted wall with a bucket of clean, warm water. Again, exercise extreme caution. By now, the matte-finished wall paint is going to be at its most delicate because of the rest of the cleaning process.

Step 6 – Finishing

A blue rag

When you have finished washing the matte finish paint, take the dry cloth and dab the wall dry again, being sure not to leave any drip or watermarks. It’s not only dirt that can harm the matte finish; you could end up with watermarks, too.

Regularly maintaining the walls with a mild cleaning solution to remove marks is a helpful method for protecting them and will reduce the need for cleaning with a stronger solution or ruining the paint altogether. Giving the walls a fresh coat of the same paint every so often will rejuvenate the covering and give it an extra coat of protection as well.