How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Compressor

What You'll Need
Water pipe with a spray nozzle
Clean cloth
Rubber gloves

It is necessary to clean out the air conditioner compressor before the summer sets in. Such compressors can often get bogged down with items such as leaves and debris. Hence to make them more cost-efficient in their running, it is essential to clean them up. Compressors are exterior components of air conditioners, and therefore are placed outdoors. Cleaning the compressor yourself can prove to be a simple and inexpensive task if a sequential process is followed. Follow the simple instructions below to clean out your air conditioner compressor.  

Step 1 – Turn off Power Supplies

Turn off the power supply from the air conditioner completely. For a compressor placed outdoors, the power supply would have to be turned off from the main circuit. This will protect you against the risk of electrocution.

Step 2 – Unscrew Grill

You will need to remove the grill, which covers the unit. As the grill is fixed on with a number of screws, this is where the screwdriver shall come into play. Make sure you safely set aside the screws, as the grill will need to be replaced once the cleaning is done.

Step 3 – Manual Cleaning

After the grill has been removed, clean up the insides of the air conditioner unit manually. Remove leaves and other forms of debris from the bottom of the vent, which might have piled up. Use a clean cloth to clean up the remainder of the dirt and debris. However, make sure to wear the rubber gloves while doing so.

Step 4 – Spray Out with Water Hose

Considerable amounts of debris should have been removed from this point, but to ensure that it is completely removed, spray the unit with a water hose. To avoid water from accumulating in the vent, attach a spray nozzle on top of the pipe. All remaining dirt shall be sprayed away through this water pipe.

Step 5 – Screw Grill back on

By this stage, all the filth and remaining debris from the compressor should have been removed. The last step is therefore to fix the grill back in with the screwdriver. Give ample time to the compressor and unit to completely dry out before turning the power supply back on. Once it dries completely, turn the power supply on. By now your air conditioner will be ready to provide you with a season of cool air. A useful tip to avoid further debris and dirt from being collected in the compressor is to use a plank of wood, like plywood, to cover the air conditioning unit.