How to Clean Your Air Ducts

What You'll Need
Professional Duct Cleaning Vacuum
Air Compressor
Brushing Tools
Dust Mask

There are several different reasons and ways to clean your air ducts. If you or someone in your family has allergies cleaning your air ducts can significantly improve their health. Below are tips on how to keep your air ducts clear of dust and mold.

Step 1 – When to Clean

It is important to know not only how, but when to clean your air ducts. It is best to thoroughly clean them once a year, but also to dust them every few months. Look for debris or dust that is being sent through your house, as well as for signs of mold or pest infestation.

Step 2 – Preparing

Have all of your necessary tools ready for use. You can find air compressors and vacuums for duct cleaning available to rent at most hardware stores. A dust mask and goggles will protect you from getting any mold or debris in your face or eyes.

Step 3 – Cleaning

Set a tarp down underneath the vents to prevent any debris or dust from getting on your floor. The easiest and cleanest way to get your air ducts clean is by first cutting two access panels. You should cut one hole inside the main supply while cutting the other near the furnace in the main return line.

Attach your duct cleaning vacuum into the holes. All of the vents must be sealed for this to work properly. Doing so will cause a negative pressure throughout your duct system in your home. In order to gain access to your duct work, you should open your vents one at a time. Using your air compressor, clean all of the extra debris all the way back to the furnace. Once you have done this you will need to re seal your vent. You will need to continue to do this until you have gotten to every vent in your home. Once you have finished these steps you will need to go back and re-seal the two holes that you made.

Step 4 – Vent Cleaning

After you have cleaned the air ducts it is a good idea to place your air vents into a sink of warm water with a very mild soap. Scrub them clean with a brush and allow them to air dry.

Step 5 – Additional Cleaning

If you clean only the duct work while paying no attention to the motor, blowers, drain pan and cooling coil you could wind up with ducts that are clean but blowing out dirty air. Be sure that you have all of these cleaned thoroughly to ensure that your duct system is as clean as possible.