How to Clean Your Engineered Wood Siding

What You'll Need
Water hose
High pressure spray nozzle
Large spray bottle
Chlorine bleach
Floor brush with handle
Mil laundry detergent
80 grit sandpaper
Safety goggles

If you have engineered wood siding installed on your home, you will need to clean it occasionally to keep it looking its best and to make it last as long as possible. Over time, if you do not keep the wood siding clean, fungus and mildew will develop that can actually damage the siding. Therefore, here is an easy to follow how-to guide on how to easily clean the engineered wood siding on your home.

Step 1 - Spray the Siding

Attach the high-pressure spray nozzle to the water hose and used it to spray away any dirt, dust or grime that may have settled on your home. When spraying the house, start from the top and work your way down as to not spray dirt or grime up onto higher parts of the your home.

Step 2 - Pre-Soak Siding with Bleach

Feel the large spray bottle with a mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Mix one part bleach to three or four parts of water and spray the entire outside of your home. This will help to kill fungus and mildew that may have developed on your engineered wood siding. Allow the mixture to set in about 30 minutes to one hour before rinsing.

Step 3 - Rinse

Once again, use the water hose and high-pressure spray nozzle to rinse away the bleach from your home's wood siding.

Step 4 - Wash the Siding

Fill a bucket with water and mild laundry detergent. Mix the water and soap until bubbles form. Then, take a floor brush with a long handle and begin to scrub the wood siding on your home. You will probably find it is easier to scrub from side to side rather than trying to run the brush up and down in a vertical motion. Take your water hose and high-pressure spray nozzle and rinse the wood siding every 6 to 8 feet or so. Do not allow the water and laundry detergent solution to sit too long on the wood siding or it could discolor the wood siding.

Step 5 - Sand Hard to Clean Spots

If your home has particularly dirty spots on the engineered wood siding, or an area where fungus or mildew is thinking hard to remove, take a piece of 80 grit sandpaper and wet it slightly with the water and laundry detergent solution. Then, take the sandpaper and  wet sand away any hard to clean stains or fungus or mildew buildup. It is better to sand slowly and not to apply too much pressure as this may damage paint or stain that is used on the wood siding. Sand a little, and then rinse to determine if the stain has been removed. Repeat this process slowly in order to avoid damaging the paint on your home.

Step 6 - Final Rinse

Again, take the water hose and high-pressure spray nozzle and give your home one final rinse to remove any soap residue that may have dried on your home.