How to Clean Your Expensive Fur Coat

multiple fur coats hanging
  • 2 hours
  • Advanced
  • 60
What You'll Need
Coffee grinds
A furrier
Vinyl garment bag
What You'll Need
Coffee grinds
A furrier
Vinyl garment bag

Fur coats can be expensive and difficult to maintain. However, some people choose to don fur coats for their warmth or as a fashion statement. If you have a fur coat that you want to keep clean without damaging, follow the instructions below.

Treating With a Furrier

To best care for your fur coat, you should find a local furrier, or someone who specializes in taking care of fur garments. This professional will place your coat in a drum filled with sawdust, walnut shells, or pumice, and a cleaning solution. Then, the drum will begin tumbling to effectively remove dirt, oil, smudges, and odors.

Restoring the Coat

Afterward, the furrier will apply a glazing solution to restore the coat’s sheen and soft texture. Sometimes, the professional will add a whitening agent for dingy white coats. You should have a furrier repeat this process once per year.

Drying From Snow or Rain

Occasionally, some rain or snow may gather on your coat. To maintain your coat’s appearance, do not rub away or dab any water that gets on it. The fur will end up matting. To clean it when wet, shake off the moisture that has collected, and then hang it in a cool, dry place. Do not let water dry on the fur in a humid place, or it will smell like mildew.

If you need to brush out the fur once it’s dry, use your fingers, not a brush, to do so.

Getting Rid of Odor


Step 1 – Place Coat in a Bag

To get rid of accumulated odors on your expensive coat, first place it in a vinyl garment bag.

Step 2 – Add Coffee Grinds

Put a container of fresh coffee grounds at the bottom of the bag, zip it up, and allow the coat to absorb the aroma. If you only have coffee beans, you can grind them first by using a blender. Stir the grounds daily. Leave the coat in the zipped bag until the odor is no longer evident. The coffee smell should clear in a few days.

Step 3 – Store it Properly

If the fur retains the coffee aroma, hang it outside in dry area until it smells fresh. You can then store it in the closet or a garment rack. To keep dust and debris off your fur when it's not in use, consider making a garment rack cover.

While the above tips should help you maintain your expensive fur coat, consider purchasing a faux-fur coat instead for easier care and less damage to your wallet and the environment.