How To Clip Rose Bush Thorns

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Gardening shears
White glue or carpenters glue
Gardening gloves (optional)

As a rose bush grows taller, so do its leaves and thorns. In order to remove the bushy look that this creates and enhance the beauty of the flower itself, you will need to clips the thorns. Clip thorns in the early spring, after the last hard freezes, though you usually won't need to prune for the first two springs after planting. The following four steps outline how to go about this process.

Step 1 - Clean Your Shears

Before you clip rose bush thorns, be sure to disinfect your gardening shears in alcohol and rinse them again before you begin pruning another bush. This will prevent the transfer of disease, such as a black spot, from plant to plant

Step 2 - Clip the Thorns

Using your disinfected shears, cut each thorn at a 45-degree angle with the slope of the angle towards the center of the plant. As a precaution to avoid being pricked while you prune, you may choose to wear gardening gloves.

Step 3 - Seal the Thorn Cuts

To prevent stem disease and insects from invading the plant, seal each thorn cut with inexpensive white craft glue or carpenter's glue. With your finger, just dab a drop or two on each cut when you're finished clipping.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Discard all plant debris and waste in the garbage.