How to Complete a Brick Wall Tear Down

  • 12 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500
What You'll Need
A sledgehammer
A power saw
A concrete blade
A chisel
A hammer
A jackhammer
A wheelbarrow
A 2x12 inch board
A large garbage bin
Protective eyewear
Work gloves
Ear protection

Tearing down brick walls can be an exhausting task requiring a great deal of strength. By applying enough force to the right spots in the wall, the job will become much easier.

Step 1 – Safety

Before you begin any work tearing down the wall, be sure to wear work gloves, work boots that will protect your feet and protective eyewear. Wear ear protection when using the saw.

Step 2 - Scoring the Wall

Attach a concrete blade to the power saw. Use the saw to make one half inch deep scores in the wall every two feet. Use the saw to cut into the mortar along the grooves.

Step 3 – Cracking the Wall

Use the sledgehammer to break the wall into parts. Carefully and forcefully, swing the sledgehammer behind you, and then bring it forward. Hit the wall near the score lines with the strongest force possible. Be careful when breaking the wall apart that there are no other people in the way, both while you are bringing the hammer back behind you and while you are using it to hit the wall. Continue hitting the wall with the sledgehammer until cracks appear in the brick and mortar.

Step 4 – Breaking the Wall Apart

Continue using the sledgehammer until the wall is broken into large chunks. If the wall has reinforced steel in the brick, use the saw to cut the steel. Use your chisel to continue breaking the wall into smaller pieces. Place the chisel against the brick and strike it with the hammer. The force of the hammer against the chisel will crack and break the brick and mortar. The chisel will work best in areas that are difficult to hit with the sledgehammer.

Step 5 – Removing the Footing

Go to a local hardware store to rent a jackhammer. The rental fee should be about $70 for a one-day rental. Be sure to read the guide provided with the rental before you begin. Use the jackhammer to remove the wall footing. Break the footing into smaller parts.

Step 6 – Renting a Garbage Bin

Contact a local rental shop about renting a garbage bin. Discuss the job you are working on with a professional to be sure you rent the right size. You should be able to rent one that will hold about 10 yards of trash for about $400 for a 1-week rental. Be sure to check with the rental service about your local trash regulations before you put anything into the bin.

Step 7 – Hauling the Brick

Use the wheelbarrow to haul the brick to the garbage bin. Lay one end of the 2x12 inch board at the edge of the garbage bin to build a ramp to run the wheelbarrow more easily to the bin.