How to Connect a Bluetooth to a Car Phone

Connecting a Bluetooth to a car phone may differ slightly depending on the type of car; some older models of cars do not support Bluetooth technology at all or require the installation of a phone kit. If your car does support Bluetooth, you'll likely need to connect it via the following:

Materials Needed:

  • Bluetooth-capable phone
  • Bluetooth-capable car stereo

Step 1 - Search for the Stereo with the Phone

To install Bluetooth to a car phone, select the Bluetooth program on your phone. The location of this application will depend on the model of your phone, but may be either in a digital menu or a button. Select "search for new devices" if the program does not automatically do so.

Step 2 - Sync the Phone with the Stereo

Select the car stereo from the list of options. Your phone should automatically sync up with your stereo. You may have to enter what's called a "pairing code" into the phone. You should be able to find this code in your car manual if your car has a Bluetooth-capable stereo system.

If your stereo is too old for Bluetooth capability, you can consider syncing Bluetooth with an ear device. A phone kit may also help you make the stereo Bluetooth-capable, but some models of cars are too old.