How to Connect a Phone to Your Wired Home Network Router

A phone can directly connect to home network router when the router is wireless, but connecting to a wired home network router is another issue. The easy way to connect a Wi-Fi mobile phone to a home network router is to connect through a wireless router. This is done by simply enabling Wi-Fi access on the phone and the connection can be made instantly. However, if the mobile phone is to be connected to the wired home network, it has to be done indirectly through a laptop or a PC. Here is how it is done.

Tools and Materials

  • Wired Router
  • PC or Laptop
  • Mobile Phone with Bluetooth or USB Cord
  • Mobile Phone Software for PC
  • Internet Connectivity

Step 1 – Set Up the Network

Make sure that the wired router is connected to a modem for Internet connectivity. If the router has not been set-up, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation procedures. Afterwards, connect the computers to the router using an Ethernet cable. When the cables are connected, check for Internet connectivity.

Step 2 – Connecting the Mobile Phone

To connect the mobile phone to the laptop or PC it is important to download software that allows the OS on the computer to communicate with the OS on the phone. This can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Take note that different mobile phone brands require different software for PC connectivity.

After downloading the software, install it on the computer and connect the phone to the computer using either Bluetooth or USB cord. To connect using the USB cord, simply plug one end of the cord to the phone and one end of the cord to the computer.

To connect using Bluetooth, open the Bluetooth settings on the phone and turn it on. Turn on the Bluetooth settings on the computer as well and allow the devices to synchronize. Notice that the computer can now read the files on the phone. The downloaded software on the computer also allows the phone to connect to the Internet.

Step 3 – Accessing the Phone through the Home Network Router

In order to allow other devices or computers to access the files on the phone, it is important to turn on the sharing options on the device to which the phone has been connected. To access the files on the phone using other computers, simply connect the other devices to the wired home network router and access the shared folders. Shared mobile phone folders are easy to spot because the computer will show them as an icon that resembles a phone.


Connecting a mobile phone to a wired router can be quite an effort considering the steps needed to be done. In order to allow easy and almost instant connection to the router, make use of a wireless router instead. However, take note that not all phones can connect to the wireless router. Only those with Wi-Fi support can be used.