How to Connect an Electrical Cord to Your Dishwasher

  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50
What You'll Need
Phillips or flat-head screwdriver
Three-pronged electrical cord
Orange wire nuts

Connecting the electrical cord of a dishwasher might prove to be a little difficult. Especially when it is removed right out from the box, where the cord is not connected to it. But, if you are able to recognize the different functions of the black, white and the green wires, then the installation of the electrical cord to the dishwasher might not prove to be that difficult.

Step 1 - Locate

Depending on what the model and the brand of the dishwasher are, the electrical access box could be situated at the front or at the back of the dishwasher mostly. So make sure to consult the instruction manual or the dishwasher’s manufacturer and ask them for help in locating the electrical access box.

Step 2 - Removal of Cover

Remove the cover of the electrical access box, sliding the three pronged electrical cord into the opening of the box. Depending on what brand and model it is, the covers could be secured by either screws or could be just snapped on. Thus, whatever the situation is, utilize a screwdriver to remove the screws.

Step 3 - Electrical Cords

The electrical cord basically consists of the black, white and the green wire. The work required to perform here is to connect the black wire from the electrical cord to the black wire, right inside the electrical access box. Then connect the white wire as well from the electrical cord to the electrical access box and perform the same treatment for the green wire as well. Once this is done, just replace the cover onto the electrical access box.

Step 4 - Plug in

Now, all that is required to do is to plug in the electrical cord into the container, right behind the dishwasher, sliding the dishwasher into the cabinet. Make sure to be careful and safe, while pushing the dishwasher into its right place; do not combine the electrical cord under the dishwasher.

Step 5 - Finishing Up

The electric connection for most of the dishwashers usually includes a small metal cube, next to the machine. The required work is to remove the plate, in order to get access to go under the dishwasher. A screw would be securing the cover on the connection cube, with 3 different wires. Just make sure to connect these 3 wires to its right and appropriate places, and do not forget to use a connector on the supply, to secure the connection, when the dishwasher is slid in and out as well.

Also keep in mind that a flexible dishwasher electrical cord is not that safe as compared to a hard wired dishwasher. The reason behind this is that if the connection becomes loose, then it could lead to a fire hazard. Thus, one way to ensure a safe connection is to make sure that the ground on the plug remains connected, and the outlet is grounded properly. This will help in ensuring against all shocks.